Hearing is as important for humans, as the rest of the senses. With normal hearing you discuss easily, you hear the bell or someone’s voice from another room and generally you communicate with others without any problems. Hearing loss can degrade the quality of your life.

Life for hard of hearing people is very difficult, both for themselves and their family. People with hearing loss put more effort to hear and communicate with others around them. But this effort causes anxiety, tiredness, increased blood pressure and headache to them. Also, feelings of embarrassment and shame are developing, which affect negatively their self-esteem, as well as their social life, since they are isolated and can be depressed.

Moreover, a hard of hearing person might cause problems unwillingly, by increasing the volume of the television or the radio when someone of their family is asleep.

Proper hearing loss treatment is based on a valid and timely diagnosis. In this way, not only can life of hard of hearing people change, but also their families, offering them a better quality of life.