Federico Gardenghi

Federico Gardenghi, is only 13 years old, and has a great passion for music.

His public debut in front of a sizeable crowd happens on New Year ’s Eve 2012 where he touches for the first time the CDJ -2000, and despite having never played with this setup before, Federico impresses those looking on In the booth and the people on the dance floor. His answer to how did you just do that was“I learned by watching tutorials in English on the internet that dad downloaded for me … I did not understand English, so I studied the positions of the hands of DJ’s “. Pretty Impressive considering Federico was 8 at the time.

When asked by DJ Mag in 2013 about how he selects the music he wants to play Federico said “the songs have to be powerful, have emotion and get people moving … if a song is a good one … the genre doesn’t really matter “. His public performances take place when he is not at school or busy doing the other things kids his age do. In July of 2014, he receives an invitation from Carl Cox to play with him in Ibiza at Sands.

Carl Cox congratulated Federico through his social channels and in person. This has had a great effect on both the confidence and path Federico is taking today. After a fantastic performance in Sicily in 2014 on a super crowded beach, and a return to Sicily in 2015 followed by a show at the Motorshow in Bologna in December, his live set videos started to go Viral with them topping over a million views and others now having over 7 million views.

At this time he is interviewed by Andrea Laffranchi, the most knowledgeable journalist in the Italian music scene, for the Corriere Della Sera Magazine ‘Style and just after thatin June 2015 he played at the ‘European Music Festival’ in Milano and at ‘Holi Dance Festival’. The Italian media wrote about him : “The DJ of summer 2014/15 is 11 years old , he is named Federico Gardenghi and he is filling up the Italian beaches. Federico is very serious … “he is a promise in the world of clubbing, he has an incredible technique and is ahead of his game”.

With his “Techno Fridays” Videos going Viral every other week and his Live Mix on DJSOUNDS being second only to the Swedish House Mafia, his clear devotion to Techno & Tech House, earning him the title of the youngest disciple of the movement and strong backing by industry titans of the likes of Carl Cox and Maceo Plex, we can only welcome the ascent of Italy’s newest prodigy of this genre.