Long-term exposure to high noise levels of noise can lead to hearing problems. People who choose to listen to music don’t regard it as noise and don’t think of it as a possible factor that can lead to hearing loss.

Nowadays, technology gives children and especially teenagers the opportunity to have direct access to a daily listening experience. In addition, new portable MP3 systems as well as mobile phones retain the characteristics of the music without distorting them even if the volume increases resulting in long-lasting effects on hearing.

Listening to music through to portable music systems in places with already diffused noise, such as buses, trains, etc. is quite dangerous. The existence of noise from many sources makes the person increase the volume of the music in order to cover the rest of the noise and to enjoy his favorite track. In this way, it is more likely to be exposed to louder volume and increase the risk of temporary and permanent loss of hearing.

Always keep the volume of your MP3 players and your cellphone low. Modern mobile phones inform you about the volume safety limit.

Try not to cross this limit!