Hearing loss

Hearing loss has a great impact on your life. It affects your daily communication with your friends, the relationship with your family, your performance at work, your psychology and your health.

1. Causes of hearing loss

  • Born with hearing loss
  • Prolonged loud noise
  • Other
  • Age
  • Infection/ Injury
  • 4.4 % Born with hearing loss
  • 33.7 % Prolonged Loud Noise
  • 16.8% Other
  • 28% Age
  • 17.1% Infection/ Injury


2. What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Symptoms in communication.

  • You have difficulty in conversations with 2 or more people.
  • You often ask others to repeat what they have said.
  • You think that most people talk with low voice.
  • You often give wrong answers to many questions.

Social symptoms.

  • You tend to avoid social gatherings.
  • You avoid conversations in noisy environments.
  • You turn on the volume on TV more than most people can stand.
  • Your working performance is reduced.

Emotional symptoms.

  • You feel uncomfortable when you discuss with people in a noisy environment.
  • You feel stressed when you can’t participate in a conversation.
  • You are shy when you meet new people.
  • You get angry with your company, demanding to talk to you more loudly and clearly.
  • Your self-confidence has been significantly reduced.

3. What are the consequences in your health?

Hearing loss:

  • causes irritability, negativity and rage.
  • causes fatigue, tension, stress and depression.
  • causes memory attenuation and disability to learn new things.
  • causes dizziness, headache, increased blood pressure.
  • may cause dementia and Alzheimer in the elderly.

Hearing protection

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Are you musician?

Music is a way of life and expression. But loud music can be harmful. A research by the University of Gothenburg in Swedenhas shown that 74%  of the musicians that took part in the research had hearing impairment! Hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacousia are some of the most common problems. The sound volume of a club or a concert / festival ranges from 110dB up to 150dB, which is enough to cause all the above.
Listen to your favorite music more clearly, without noises.

  • Go home headache-free.
  • Communicate with people better.
  • Wake up the next day smiling.
  • Love and protect your hearing.
  • Enjoy your job to the fullest!

Soundz Uni Music & Soundz Music Pro earplugs are the best options for your hearing protection if you are a DJ, a musician or a sound engineer.



Are you working In the industry?

According to several researches, daily exposition to sounds surpassing the allowed volume causes long-term hearing loss and tinnitus, and concerns all ages. The following table displays the possibility of hearing loss for workers at the middle age of 50, according to their occupation.

  • Be more productive and efficient, isolating all annoying sounds.
  • Communicate with your co-workers better and more clearly.
  • Go home without headache and ear buzzing (tinnitus).
  • Enjoy your free time in better mood.

Soundz work, Soundz Work Pro, Soundz DIY, Soundz Uni Work, Soundz Uni Work Pro and Soundz Uni DIY earplugs are the best solution for your hearing protection at your workplace.

Statistical sources: Noise and Health, NIOSH Chart, NIOSH, DRDC, Hear Forever, Hearit.org



Do you have trouble in sleeping?

Sleeping disorders are one of the most important reasons for the degradation of our life quality.

The main reason of sleep disturbance is snoring. According to an American research by National Sleep Foundation  23% of couples sleep separately in order to avoid the noise source, stating that it is the number one cause of their limited libido for their mate. Some other side effects of abnormal sleep are stress increase, limited efficiency, increased risk for heart attack, concentration disorders and premature aging.

  • Isolate all annoying sounds
  • Sleep quietly and normally
  • Wake up more energetic
  • Be more productive

Soundz Relax and Soundz Uni Relax earplugs can help you improve your life.



Are you swimmer?

Swimming in pools, in the sea, in lakes or rivers with infected water, may cause otitis. Some of the symptoms may be pain, redness, or even temporary hearing loss.

Soundz Shark and Soundz Uni Shark earplugs are the best option for your ears protection from cold water and infections.



Are you farmer?

Agricultural work is of high risk professions concerning hearing loss. The noise caused by agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters and tractors, can reach 85 dB with a cabin and 110dB without cabin.

  • Be more productive and efficient, isolating all annoying sounds.
  • Protect your hearing.
  • Go home without headache and ear buzzing (tinnitus).
  • Enjoy your free time in better mood.

Soundz Farmer earplugs can help you improve your life.


Are you driver?

The wind intensity and the motorbike’s noise can reach up to 95-110 dB. This may turn the trip into a tiring and exhausting experience. Also, it may cause temporary hearing loss symptoms and tinnitus.

Soundz Uni Drive and Soundz Drive earplugs are the best option for noise reduction to safe levels, while they allow communication through the intercom device and the vehicle horn to be clearly audible.

Finally, they are very comfortable and discreet with the helmet.

  • Travel more quietly and safely
  • Reach your destination more relaxed and fresh
  • Enjoy your trip in better mood



Are you a plane traveler?

Airplane flights help you travel faster all over the world. But the changes in atmospheric pressure along with the airplane cabin noises can cause pain in the ears and discomfort.

Soundz Uni Fly and Soundz Fly earplugs regulate the changes in atmospheric pressure during take-off and landing, while they fully protect your hearing from the annoying and harmful noises of the cabin. At the same time, they allow you to easily communicate with others and clearly listen to the flight’s announcements.



Are you ready for night walk?

We have all experienced intense buzzing in our ears after a nightout in a club with loud music, especially the moment we go to sleep.

This buzzing is called tinnitus. It is the first sign of a temporary hearing impairment. It has been proved that it may, either in short terms or directly as a hearing injury, lead to a permanent, painful and exhausting state, able to lead even in mental disorders.

At the same time, this temporary injury may cause hearing loss.

Soundz Uni Night out earplugs are the best option for your hearing protection during your nightout.


Are you a shooter, hunter or working for military?

“A shot from a shotgun or any type of weapon ranges between 130-190 decibels (db) and may cause immediate hearing loss.” It is very important for those who engage in sports to be equipped with hearing protection products to avoid the unpleasant effects of the shot that occurs right next to the ear. Soundz Uni Gun & Soundz Gun earplugs reduce the noise of the shot at a safe level, allowing for clear speech and security sounds.