Robert Redford born on 13th August 1936 is an actor, a director and a producer and has won two Oscars.

Great Robert Redford is 81 years old and suffers from hearing loss. He lost 60% of his left ear left shooting scenes for the film ΄΄All Is Lost΄΄ in 2013, where his character deals with wild weather while traveling alone in the Indian Ocean.

During the filming of the climatic storm, the crew members someone in Utah to check my hearing and I was told: ΄΄You’ve lost a significant part of your hearing.΄΄ I asked ΄΄Will I ever take it back?΄΄ He said ΄΄No.΄΄ That’s why Redford urges all young actors to protect their hearing when they work under harsh conditions.

Hearing loss is not a taboo. Several famous and successful people suffering from hearing loss have managed to excel and live their dream.