We live in a day-to-day life where there is a lot of noise so people face many health problems. According to the WHO World Health Organization, the permissible volume of daily sounds should not exceed 85dB without any hearing protection.

Sounds ranging from 90 to 130dB can damage our hearing.

  1. Loud music in entertainment centers (from 90 to 110dB)
  2. The MP3 players (The apple iPod ranges from 100dB the newest to 130dB the oldest)
  3. The volume of the television may reach 100dB
  4. PC toys exceed 95Db using speakers and 105dB using headphones.
  5. Car and engine noise (from 95 to 110 dB)
  6. Electrical appliances such as a vacuum cleaner (as 90dB some models like Dyson DC12)
  7. Noise in school (as 100dB in musical schools)
  8. Noise at work (factories, machines, foundries etc over 110 dB)

Are some forms of noise pollution in today’s everyday life, which greatly affect children and adults. Hearing loss may occur suddenly (sudden hearing loss) or long-term with daily and long exposure to these noises exceeding 85dB.

The most significant health risks to health are:

  • Transient or permanent hearing damage
  • Heart problems
  • Annoyances (nausea, dizziness, headache)
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Reduced performance in school and work

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