“Love Your Hearing” campaign is an initiative by Soundz®, an innovative company that specialises in the hearing protection field. With high fidelity products and advanced technology systems, Soundz® provides complete solutions for all your hearing protection needs. Soundz® goal is to protect people’s hearing and improve life quality, covering all the hearing protection needs. Soundz® premium products are designed and created, among others, for professional musicians, industrial use, plane travels, racing driving, military and shooting practice.
Soundz® products are used by famous musicians and DJs all over the world! Our ambassadors have an honorable position in our “Love Your Hearing” campaign. We are proud of our ambassadors’ support. Each one of them contributes to our purpose with his/hers experience and in his/hers personal and unique way. They promote “well being”, “hearing protection”, “healthy way of living” and inspire their fans to enjoy music responsibly!


“Love Your Hearing” campaign focuses on raising people’s awareness in order to love and protect their hearing.
Almost 15 percent of the global population has some form of hearing loss. 33,7 of those cases is caused by Prolonged Loud Noise or Noise-Inducted Hearing Loss.

NIHL is the only type of hearing loss that is completely preventable. If you understand the hazards of noise and how to practice good hearing health, you can protect your hearing for life. Here’s how:

  • Know which noises can cause damage (those at or above 85 decibels).
  • Wear earplugs or other protective devices when involved in a loud activity (Soundz® earplugs cover all your hearing protection needs).
  • If you can’t reduce the noise or protect yourself from it, move away from it.
  • Be alert to hazardous noises in the environment.
  • Protect the ears of children who are too young to protect their own.
  • Make family, friends, and colleagues aware of the hazards of noise.
  • Have your hearing tested if you think you might have hearing loss.

Our hearing protection is our responsibility and investment for our future ability to communicate with people, listen to music, feel more and live better!
Sound is the key to our heart!